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Enterprise Wi-Fi Analysis

Associated Certification: Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP)

VUE Certification Exam CWAP-403

Course Summary

Duration: 3 days, Classroom or Virtual Live Online

Prerequisites: Basic networking knowledge (OSI / IP). Basic network security concepts and wireless network administration CWNA or equivalent knowledge. To earn the CWAP certification, you must pass 2 exams: CWNA and CWAP


The CWAP Wireless LAN Analysis course consists of hands-on learning using the latest enterprise wireless LAN analysis and troubleshooting tools. This course takes an in-depth look at the functionality of WLANs, intended operation of the 802.11 protocol and Wi-Fi Alliance specifications, WLAN frame formatting and structure, troubleshooting methodology, and protocol analysis. It also includes extensive training in modern spectrum analysis with a focus on advanced RF behavior analysis, data collection methods, interpreting spectrum plots and charts, and understanding advanced features of WLAN spectrum analyzers. Students who complete this course will acquire the necessary skills for analyzing, assessing, and troubleshooting wireless operation in the enterprise, utilizing hardware and software solutions from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Course Outline

Troubleshooting Processes
Troubleshooting Methodologies
CWNP Methodology
Troubleshooting Tools

802.11 Communications
Terminology Review
Beacon Frames
Channel Access
WLAN Architectures

802.11 Frames
Framing Review
802.11 General Frame Format
802.11 Frame Types
Important 802.11 Frames
Security Communications
802.11 PHY

WLAN Hardware
Client Devices
Access Points
WLAN Controllers and Managers
Wireless Analysis Hardware
Wired hardware

Protocol Analysis
WLAN Protocol Analysis Hardware and Software
Protocol Analyzer Common Features
Working with Protocol Analyzers

Spectrum Analysis
Spectrum Analysis Hardware
Spectrum Analyzer Features
Installing and Configuring
Performing Spectrum Analysis

Wired Issues
Common Problems
Troubleshooting Tools
Troubleshooting Specific Issues

Common WLAN Issues
Common Issues
Security Issues
Client Issues
Modern Issues

This course includes hands-on Lab exercises and instructor demonstrations


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